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Obama revives Russia nuclear pact

President Barack Obama revives a civilian nuclear energy pact with Moscow, as US officials hail "progress" in relations between the nations.

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A Chechen link to Moscow bombs?

At least 35 people are killed in two suicide bombings on the Metro system in Moscow, officials say.

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Guantanamo men arrive in Europe

Five ex-inmates of the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay are transferred to Georgia and Switzerland.

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Georgians question un-reality TV

Georgians are asking what was the point of the hoax broadcast of a Russian invasion, writes the BBC's Tom Esslemont in Tbilisi.

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Why the US is fielding a cyber army

The US means to deploy the first formal cyber army of any major state as human conflict spreads to a different field.

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Border open, but hostility remains

Though a momentous event, there was little fanfare at the opening of Georgia's new border checkpoint with Russia, the BBC's Tom Esslemont writes.

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Russia-Georgia crossing reopens

Russia and Georgia reopen a border crossing that has been closed since July 2006, officials say.

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Explosion kills child in Beslan

An explosion kills one child and injures two others in Beslan, the Russian North Caucasus town bereaved by a 2004 school siege.

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Georgia Russian-language TV channel has troubled start

Georgia's attempt to create a Russian-language news channel has got off to an inauspicious start, reports the BBC's Tom Esslemont from Tbilisi.

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Russia names new Caucasus supremo

The Russian president appoints a new special envoy to the North Caucasus, which remains racked by Islamist and separatist violence.

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Georgia's mutiny leaders jailed

A court in Georgia sentences more than a dozen soldiers and civilians to lengthy jail terms for their role in a brief military rebellion.

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Georgia restarts Russia flights

Russia and Georgia reopen air traffic after the 2008 war with a symbolic direct passenger flight between the two countries.

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Russia-Georgia flights to resume

Moscow allows the first direct flights from Georgia since the 2008 war, but Tbilisi says the move is too late for the holiday period.

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Timeline: Chechnya

A chronology of key events

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Russia-Georgia crossing to reopen

Russia and Georgia agree to reopen a border crossing that has been closed since July 2006, Georgia's foreign ministry says.

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Two killed in Georgian demolition

A woman and her young daughter are killed in Georgia during the controversial demolition of a huge Soviet war monument.

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Russia stops gas flow to Armenia

Russia has halted gas supplies to Armenia after an explosive device was found near a pipeline, Russian news reports say.

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Bagapsh re-elected Abkhaz leader

Sergei Bagapsh has won a second five-year term as president of the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, electoral officials say.

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Abkhaz vote in presidential poll

The breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia holds its first election since Russia recognised its independence.

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Profile: The OSCE

An overview of the OSCE, including its background, structure and key activities

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South Ossetia - World View